Crazy Bernie Says Cutting Taxes Is ‘Looting’, Trump Jr. Crushes Him With Spot-On Comeback

Democrats managed to kill all the Republicans’ attempts to repeal and replace Obamacare, so they probably expected to repeat this when it came to the Republicans’ tax cuts bill. Unfortunately, all Republican Senators except for Bob Corker backed the bill and handed the left a stinging defeat.

Instead of coming to grips with reality and trying to appreciate how the new legislation will boost the American economy and help all Americans by pushing up wages, Democrats have instead been ranting and raving about how the bill supposedly robs people by giving them a tax cut.

For example, Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders went on his Twitter account and wrote on the night that the legislation passed in the Senate, “I say to my Republican colleagues: The American people are catching on. While you may get away with this act of looting tonight, history is not on your side.”

Many on the right laughed at the remarks of Sen. Sanders and many other liberals. Tweeted conservative Ben Shapiro in response, “I love fiscal responsibility talk from socialists.”

However, First Son Donald Trump Jr. had the best retort to Bernie’s wild claim. Said Donald Jr. on social media, “I’m still trying to figure out how letting Americans keep more of THEIR money is looting… but you know logic and such is long gone with the libs. Also socialists likely shouldn’t talk about looting and history in the same sentence. #yourewelcome.” Ouch! How much do you love Trump Jr. for this?